Best Dressed at Red Ribbon Fashion Gala

There were so many well dressed people,it is hard to pinpoint the best dressed in just a small,here we go with the best dressed nominees, in details. In no particular order...
 Lady No. 1
 Lady No. 2
 Lady No. 3
 Lady No. 4
 Lady No. 5
 Lady No. 6
 Lady No. 7
 Lady No. 8
 Lady No. 9,10 and 11
 Lady No. 12
 Lady No. 13
Lady No. 14
Lady No. 15
Lady No. 16
Take a look at all of the ladies and choose the best of the best.... Give me your number 3,2,and 1.....

Missie Popular


  1. the best dressed lady namba 1, lady namba 6(HAWA) na NAMBA 5 (EVE) pendeza sana wao. nancy sumari na sara nao walitokelezea bila kukusahau ww dada wa MP u look great

  2. best dresses are number 16, 14 flaviana matata, number 16 anaitwa nani...? very nice dress... loved it...

  3. no 1:lady no 13
    no 2:lady no 2
    no 3:lady no 6