Designers at Lady in Red 2013- Final

And now we come to an end of the list of all designers that showcased at Lady in Red fashion event,2013. Looking forward to seeing more of the new designers that we saw for the first time...however,I hope the creativity will be higher than this one...Best of luck to you all..

 Unfortunately I failed to grab images of the designers for Rose creation (left) and the design on the right

Till next year on another Lady in Red event... cheers

Missie Popular


  1. hi, is there a reason as to why you left out Mange@s Designs?? As much as you are all for Tanzanian designers , I think it's just as important to focus on retail minded fashion businesses ( I.E if for any reason you don't see her as a designer) given the raison d'etre of 'fashion' is SALES!! and she seems to be doing a great job at it!!

  2. Hebu acheni ku-react kusiko na msingi...Mange's design zimeingia tangu post yanmwanzo kabisa,maana kuna post tatu za designers....kama hamjaziona kwenye post moja,nenda kwenye nyingine.