Events This Weekend

The weekend is here yaaaaaay!!!... So,where to go for some fun,look no farther...Start your weekend with great music by Mzungu Kichaa with the Sikinde Orchestra at THAT is good music!
Then,what about a night full of Basketball love! This time we visit the National Stadium INDOOR basketball court for that shot of BBall Kitaa
 After burning some cholesterol, we compensate with none other than......Nyama Choma ladies and gentlemen!
Kijitonyama Postal Grounds is the place to be from Saturday afternoon till late...
And for my fellow proud women,we join hands with Shamim Mwasha and Khadija Mwanamboka for the Women Celebrations. Nasikia SHAA will be,bring your Sugua Gaga moves! hehehe

My Sunday will be all chilled out at home :))

Have a Fab Weekend,y'all

Missie Popular


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