Linah chanels "Zulu" in new music Video

Looks like South Africa has become the destination of choice for most of African musicians, when shooting for their music videos... We saw the Nigerian artists moving that direction since way back...and now from CPWAA to Ommy Dimpoz,Diamond and now Linah, SA is taking over our TVs!
All in all, as long as the production is of superior quality compared to former ones, we are happy!...Well,happy until we see our own artists embracing the Zulu culture on their videos... I saw the glimpse of such on Mdogo Mdogo video by Diamond, and now this...for Linah's new song, Ole Themba.

Personally I wouldn't tell if this is a Tanzanian artists if I didn't know it's Linah...this is just soooooo mafikizolo kinda ish....we are loosing the Tanzanian touch that was growing so well,in the music industry....

Otherwise,great song and video ....and the Babatunde umbrellas looked quite something!

Missie Popular

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  1. I swear to God. I have always known this is a song from South Africa. I was wondering how she came to know Swahili? Linah is from TZ?