Diamond and Shaa on Coke Studio S2 Ep5

It's ON every Saturday 9pm on TBC1 and TBC2.. #CokeStudioAfrica is the hashtag of the night...Did you miss it last night?
 Well,Tanzania was well represented by Diamond Platinumz and Shaa...While Diamond performed Johnnie with Yemi Alade,Shaa was all about girl power alongside Jackie Chandiru with the song,Give it to me...
 It was epic!
 There was dancing and the ever amazing fusions of the original songs....
These two are just electric,together!

Check Diamond' performance here http://cokeurl.com/JohnnyXIV

And that of Shaa here http://CokeURL.com/JackieShaaKagwe

Thank me later..

Missie Popular


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