Dar Fashionistaz on the "Getting Fit" Frenzy

The "Getting Fit" frenzy is everywhere in Dar! Personally, I looove the movement. Go on girls,Get Fit! 
In them old days,a full figured woman in Tanzania was considered the healthier and the TRUE African woman. But with the continues eruption of diseases like diabetes,heart issues etc,more women in urban Tanzania are joining gyms, jogging groups and more.
You know why,because social media accounts of celebs and popular people show how its possible ...plus the positive effects of getting fit.....Like,when you loose that extra kg and get fit,you gain more confidence wearing all types of clothes that you first couldn't...pose as you want..and much more. So here are some of those inspirations...
The queen of fitness so far...according to me,of course...This lady does yoga,walks,even climbed Mt Kilimanjaro! Get inspired by her through @dottykipeja on Instagram
Nancy Sumari is training on tennis...and makes me think of resuming those days as well...
Mama Zion is also another workout inspiration,especially for all recent mothers who want to loose the baby fat
And then there is my fellow blogger and sis,Shamim. She just lost 15kg,what more inspiration do you need? Many congrats Shamim
Monica kills me with her workout shoegame! A pair of NIKE sneakers could make you go to the gym fast,even if its just to show them off,lol...
There are so many Dar Fashionistaz on the "Getting Fit" movement and we urge them all to keep at it...And if you are outside Dar and are also working out regularly, tag us @MissiePopular on your Insta pics and we will share your inspiration.

Come on Tanzania,lets get fit!!

Missie Popular


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