Events This Weekend

The weekend is here,yaaay!
 Thinking of where to go this weekend,what about a night full of good music at an amazing spot,Rhapsody's?! Yes,Legendary DJ Boniluv is hosting the Heart&Soul night :)

For those who are looking for a getaway, the below is your kind of event...
 Sleep by the seaside on a camping environment...enjoying great music,food and goot times with friends
 Yes,this is more fun if you take your friends along...the venue is Mlingotini Seaside Resort,located 5km from Bagamoyo town. Call +255 784 699 100 for more details.

Arusha, The trending Nyamachoma Festival is coming to your city!
That was for Saturday,now lets go for Events this Sunday...
 Trending all over the streets of Dar is the Zalendo Games...ranging from cycling,skating and more,Leaders Club is the place to be this Sunday

 And for those who love photography,this is like Christmas came early!

Now you know,enjoy your weekend!

Oooh....Please Enjoy responsibly :)

Missie Popular


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