Meet Geline Fuko- The Tanzanian Human Rights Lawyer celebrated by Obama

 Her name is Geline Alfred Fuko, a University of Dar es Salaam graduate who decided to practice Human Rights Law in order to help change her Tanzanian community. Geline is also an Erusmus Mundus alumnus on Comparative Local Development. Currently, Geline works for "Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC)" here in Tanzania, where she manages a Public Constitution Digital Database and a Constitution Information Center.
 Interviewed about her Master degree by the European Year for Development, Geline said, "It taught me how to deal with local issues in an interdisciplinary way – how would the economists think, and what about the lawyers and the politicians? I wouldn’t get this through another course", she continues.
  "When I arrived I had this legal background. Whatever came in terms of questions I would approach it in a legal way: if this is what the rule says, this is how it should be". Over time, she learned to analyse issues from different angles. "The widened perspective was a clear added value to my career", she says.
Geline is among the Tanzanians who attended the 2016 Mandela Washington YALI program in USA, in which its closing events include a session with President Obama at Washington DC. In his speech, President Obama celebrated the work done by African youths and mentioned Geline specifically...

Today on M,P , we give a shout out to this strong dedicated Tanzanian lady and all Tanzanian youths doing big things for this country....Keep the inspiration going

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