Pantone 2020 Color of The Year- Classic Blue

 Yes,we are back to basics :)... Last night Pantone Institute released the color of the year 2020 as Classic Blue,the color of the sky at dusk.According to Laurie Pressman,Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, the Classic Blue is a color that symbolizes a fresh start...making you wonder WHAT NEXT is to come.
 Its no surprise that Classic Blue is finally on the spotlight,this color has been everywhere! Let's start with the classic blue jeans :)) I am very sure any man/woman who adores their wardrobe,has at least that one pair of a classic blue jeans. By the way, Laurie also mentioned this as one of the inspiration behind selecting Classic Blue, its a color that has many usage and for every one.

For those doing interior design,can you imagine this color as a highlight in an all white room or kitchen? Magnificent!
Ooooh and for you who is about to get married in 2020, or will have a bridal shower, baby shower, etc etc....You may use Classic Blue in any way you want. Just don't over do it pleaseeee...Remember Fuschia? WE WENT OVERBOARD with it!!

Have fun in Classic Blue

Missie Popular


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