Always,Guard your Positive Energy

When I need to escape from something negative, I always find a book and read. It helps me to focus on something else, as well as open my mind to new ideas,perspectives and imaginations. It helps me to retain my positive energy and stay healthy,mentally.

Hurt people,hurt others.There are so many negative people out there. I believe it is because there are many people hurting due to various professional, financial or relationship issues. How do you guard your positive energy while surrounded by negativity at the work place, on the road to and from work, or on public areas etc? 

And with social media bringing all of us closer than before, it is easy to be impacted by negativity,even by people or situations that do not even concern you! For example, imagine opening your whats-app, just to find a video clip posted on one of your groups, a video of a child being tortured or a woman being beaten or an accident...automatically,your energy changes. Even though all of what you saw,did not occur physically, to you.

Here is how I guard my positive energy;

Morning Meditation: Every morning I spend 10-15 minutes on meditation, preparing my mind for the day ahead. I do this through guided positive meditation videos that you can find on YouTube, which helps me to stay positive and clam,throughout the day.

Be Aware of Your Thoughts: Most often we run personal conversations in our minds. We talk to ourselves on what is troubling or on events that occurred etc. But we usually forget that,these thoughts and personal conversations can also shift us to negativity. They can lead us to self doubt, self hate and more. To control this, try to be aware of your thoughts, and when you find yourself going to negativity,bring your thoughts back to positive conversations. It is not easy,especially when we are hurt or troubled...but with constant practice, it can be done

Control your Social Media content; I have blocked the automatic download feature for Whats-app,which means I will not see any picture,video or voice note unless I click it to open. This helps me to avoid seeing things that I do not know,and thus avoid negative surprises. Also I have un-followed all Instagram and Twitter accounts which post content that I find disturbing. In short, I am more in control of what I see and interact with on social media, than i used to be.

Count you Blessings; Throughout the day, I remind myself of the things I am grateful for, and I say my THANK YOUs to God. This helps me to see things on a different light, even when they are negative. It's like my mind is making a shift, looking at the negative things and find some lessons that I can be grateful for. It also helps me to control my REACTION to things or situations that I find negative.

All in all, there are many ways you can develop the habit of staying positive and guard that energy. You know yourself better,listen to your inner intuition and go with it. WHY? Because guarding your positive energy is keeping guard on your mental health, something that is very valuable.

Stay positive,Stay Blessed

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