Where Did All Events go?! A Blogger's Cry

 Y'all know I can get a certificate for my LOVE for events! Like really! I live for events of all kinds. Whether I am organizing it or attending as a participant...or even working on an event as a blogger,I get my Adrenalin rush and satisfaction through events.

Not in this era though :(... I have been observing the changes in Tanzania, and tears just run down my cheeks. Where did all my calendar events go? Fashion events....Music events....Comedy events....anything?! Arusha...Mwanza...Dodoma...Dar...anywhere?
 I yearn for the days when I had two to three events in a weekend, taking pictures and capturing fab moments and people, dancing to great music and LEARNING a lot of new things and skills. I asked a Marketing friend of mine from the Telecommunication sector, who were on the forefront with events, and she tells me their marketing budget is less than a half of last year's! Even product launches are not amplified that much,anymore!
 I decided to make rounds in fashion and beauty shops to see if anything happens there...Makeup shows, fashion pop ups..anything!....Well, the giants are falling asleep,that is all i can say.
 Remember when Juega Casa was hipping us almost every month?! What with bringing Mi Casa and Liquideep and all?...Well, it has been a while :(
 I knew I am really missing those good old days, when I even wish for World Food Day and the other kinda events...just for the heck of it!
 And even Basketball nights at B/Ball Kitaa are now a distant memory...a good one,but just a memory. When will we go back to them good events days?
Papa God ooo...hear your servant please....I promise, I will not talk too much about those who dress like Gigi warevaaaa ooo...Ameeen!


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