Relax. Regroup. Restart

There is so much power in taking the Time Off, just to re-energize yourself. Too often we overwork ourselves and forget that our bodies,like any other machine, needs time to cool off and reboot. 

This year, I vowed to take breaks as often as I can. The plan was to take a break in June/July and again in November/December. It is no shocker that I wasn't able to honor my vow in June/July, what with COVID 19 and all...but this November, I kept my promise.

Blending work and fun helped me to get three days of total bliss at this magical place called Firefly,located at Bagamoyo in Pwani region. The location came recommended by one of my work colleagues and I must say, she knew what she was talking about. I needed a quite and natural place to unwind, a place where TV and radio were off the table and the modernity of the Dar city is out of range. Firefly was all that and more.

It's rustic exterior was a mix of jungle and swahili coast culture, which made it easy to relax and just listen in to the music played live by the surrounding birds. 
The insides give you that Arabian feel yet with no sight of gold and other glittering items. Actually, almost everything you find inside looks old with an aura of past love. The heavy "Zanzibar doors" and wooden windows take you to Zanzibar/Lamu and Mombasa all at once. In short,I had a great relaxing time

Oooh,did I also mention how this place is sooo photogenic! Like wooooo! Between naps and great food, I had a photo session every day. Whether taking pictures of the fluffy cute cats or of myself, it was always fun.
The feeling I have today, that relaxed and energized something I wish for you too. 

Let's all make it a habit. To just go somewhere to Relax, Regroup and Restart our engines again. Head over to my Instagram page @MissiePopular for more pictures and videos of this trip


Missie Popular



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