Ali Kiba and Ommy Dimpoz shoot new song, Kajiandae

 If you stalk both of their Instagram accounts,like we unapologetically do, you will put two and two together that Ali Kiba and Ommy Dimpoz are about to drop some new joint named Kajiandae.
 The song title was a hashtag posted by Ali Kiba and we grabbed the meaning, fastaaaaa
Both Ali and Ommy have been seen in these pictures posing with models for the music video...Word on the street,the location is in South Africa
When will this video drop? We are still stalking their accounts,the accounts of their managers,family,friends,girlfriends etc for will be the first to know :)

By the way,did you see the mad love shown to Ali Kiba at Mwanza Fiesta night? Komando Kipensi alitisha sana!

Missie Populat


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