3 Ways to create a great Corporate Wardrobe

A New Wardrobe is all I need as a Birthday present! So, I have decided to invest my time and of course,money, in creating a rather new and improved wardrobe. This is specifically so,for the corporate attires that I so needed. As most of you who follow me on Instagram know, I have been on a workout routine to loose the baby weight and gain back my size,which is going far too well. I think I am loosing more weight than I need to :(

Anyhow,back to the point. A Corporate wardrobe. Through this journey to create a new corporate wardrobe, I learnt some tips on the best ways to go about it. So....why not share it with you? Here we go :)

1. Go back to Basics. That white short sleeved Tee, a beige V-neck top, a black camisole or tank top, a long sleeve Tee etc. The basic items are a great option in creating different looks, especially when you pair them with formal bottoms like trousers or skirts. A bonus tip is, collect basics that are in neutral colors, they make it easy to blend with almost any type of clothes.

If you want to create a capsule wardrobe, you may stock these items in various neutral colors and even introduce prints like polka dots or stripes. 
2. Quality Vs Quantity: My old wardrobe was full to the brim! And just like many other women, I still struggled to find something to wear :( 
This journey taught me the importance of having few items BUT of the best quality. A good quality suit makes you look well put together, expensive and even more confident. Furthermore, it lasts ages! My point is, I now look for good quality rather than the number of items I can buy. I save for new suits, 100% cotton trousers, well tailored shirts etc.
3. Accessories: This is still a learning process for me. Adding belts, watches, earrings, bags and scarfs is something that I am trying to do now. A complete wardrobe makes more sense when you can pair it with good accessories, and for a corporate look, it is important to have the right accessories too. You will be able to know what to buy and in what colors, after you evaluate your work environment and the dress code involved. As for me, well...minimalism is all I can do.

Finally, watch out for SALE SALE SALE signs! Buying new and quality items is not cheap, thus I have several shops that I visit their social accounts every time, to see if they have that SALE sign on. To be able to change your wardrobe, you should also research on fashion retailers who sell good items, and wait for that magical moment. Ooooh by the way, Black Friday is almost here! Get ready, get a new corporate wardrobe ;)

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